The Road is Long. . .

Red Scree as seen from Scandale Pass

What a way to end a trip, made Red Scree and Scandale Pass and the High Pike, Low Pike ridge walk back into Ambleside. ( Though more a knee shattering, mad scramble descent than a walk!)

All in all, nearly 13 miles of stunning scenery, divided into a morning of near white out conditions and an afternoon bathed in the most glorious sunshine.

The view from the top of Red Scree, there wasn’t one!

It’s hard to find the words to do justice to the beauty of the Lakes. It’s a magical place that lifts the soul, re-energises and re-invigorates your very being.

I will be back, there is a sense of freedom there that is palpable, that draws you on. It is a place to lose oneself and find oneself all at the same time. It’s definitely a piece of my happy!

The path to get up to the High Pike, Low Pike ridge

I recently saw a cartoon strip featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy. They are sitting on a cliff edge looking out into the distance

Charlie Brown “We only live once Snoopy”

Snoopy “No, actually we only die once, we live every day!”

It struck a real chord with me at the time and I guess this trip to the Peaks and Lakes is the first time in a long time, that I can genuinely say that I felt like I lived every day.

Existing and really living are two vey different things. In today’s modern environment with all the hustle, bustle, stresses and strains that society continuously throws at us, it easy just to fall into an existence.

Exist or live, it’s a choice. I choose to live.

Whatever you day brings, I hope you find or do something, that makes you feel alive.

The view back from High Pike

Love and hugs

Els xx

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  1. gems3108 says:

    Beautiful x

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    1. Finding My Happy Living it, Loving it! says:

      Thanks 😊 x


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