These feet were made for walking . . .

The view across to Great Rigg

Good morning all, the clocks have gone forward so spring is sprung and I am already chasing the lost hour!

Today is Mother’s Day, so I hope all Mum’s are getting truly spoilt for without them we would literally not be here!

It’s weird how quickly this hiking thing gets into the blood, only been back two days and already miss not hitting a trail in the early morning.

Surprisingly, the legs are feeling really good and I think it won’t be long before myself and Little Lexie are looking for places to go.

The Peaks and Lakes have shown me that outdoors is where I belong. I love the big open spaces, the massive horizons, the freedom just to amble along at a pace that allows me to really enjoy every moment.

Whatever you do today, put away sometime for yourself, swim, run, cycle, read a book, it doesn’t really matter what it is, but do something that lets your mind drift away and take you to a happy place.

Lunch at the top of Red Scree

Love and hugs

Els xx

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