Bristol to Bath . . .

One of the sculptures along the route

Hi, good morning on what looks to be a nice day!

So yesterday, after a delayed start, finally got to walk the Bristol to Bath Railway Path.

I have to say, that actually, it turned out to be a much nicer walk than I thought it was going to be. From my front door to the MacDonalds in Bath city centre it was a total of 17.5 miles, very flat and very easy walking.

The start of the route a 2 mile walk from my house

It is a walk of two halves, the first out of Bristol, which seems to go on forever, though to be fair there is quite a bit to see.

Fishponds fish sculpture

The second half , from Bitton onwards is much more scenic and there are some beautiful views as you get into the Avon Valley.

They have done a good job of trying to keep the route interesting and there are some really random sights to see on your way.

I have no idea what this is

As with anywhere, Mother Nature does her best to give you really pretty views.

Bluebells at Kelston

Once you push out of Bristol the walk becomes really pretty and between Warmley and just before Bath is probably the best scenery as you enter the Avon Valley and cross the River Avon.

Warmley Station now a quaint cafe

I took my first stop at Bitton, about 8 miles into the walk, lovely place offering good value food and toilets, so a welcome relief! It is part of the Avon Valley steam railway, so if you like steam trains, it makes a really good lunch stop.

A steam train!

The walk from Bitton to just outside Bath was my favourite part, very scenic packed full of birdsong and beautiful woods and the walk runs along part of the canal as you pass through Saltford and Kelston.

Canal boats and weir at Kelston (I think)

There is an abundance of woodland around with lots of different trails shooting off in all directions, with a little bit more spare time, it would have been nice to have taken some of those trails, just to break up the flat route.

The spooky wood trail Kelston

The trail itself finishes some two miles from the city centre but you can walk along the towpath of the canal right up to the bus station, though by then, my legs were pooped and this bit seemed to go on forever

The final push into Bath

All in all it was a good day, started the walk about 12:45 and with breaks and the like finally got into the city centre at around 19:00 and had a well earned burger.

The burger didn’t last long!

Whatever you are up to today I hope you have a fab day and get the chance to get outside, even if just for the shortest of walks. Being outdoors is such a great way to chill and you can’t help but feel happy.

The bluebells wood Kelston

Love and hugs

Els xx

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  1. June says:

    Ohh, I would do it…but maybe a faster mode of transport than walking 17 miles. Pictures definitely selling it


    1. Finding My Happy Living it, Loving it! says:

      It’s really lovely, it’s part of the National Cycle Network so you can cycle it! No excuses now 😂


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