As One Chapter Ends …..

Meet Sarah, my new bike

So it’s been awhile, and I can make no excuses, life got in the way and though my intentions were good, the blog was left on the side.

Currently I am on a campsite in Heric, France, 30 minutes outside of Nantes, 6 days into my tour of France, Switzerland and Italy. The weather has been awful so far ( rained 5 of 6 days) and today’s weather means a day of the bike and an opportunity to get the blog up and running again.

My first outing on Sarah – Ilfracombe

So much has happened since my last blog that it will take several future posts to bring you up to date, but I promise I will!

As can be seen from the photos, Little Lexie has been sold and Sarah, a BMW F650GS has become a new member of my family. It was a hard decision to make, Lexie was a fantastic bike and gave me so many great memories but sadly I knew that the trip ahead would be to demanding for her and reluctantly she was sold.

On the Eurostar on my way to France!

The beginning of the summer was a push, both sons taking exams, one GCSE and the other A Levels, then there was the clearing of the house and the motorbike tests, followed by a week away with the children in Tenerife ( my first holiday abroad in 14 years) and before I knew it, only 1 week till the European adventure.

Sunset in Tenerife

I hope to be able to share my journey with you, take you along with me as I search for those things that make me happy. I am beginning to understand what it is I need in my life. Simplicity is the most obvious thing so far. The simpler the better.

Life travelling on a motorcycle is pretty simple. There is limited storage space, so you only pack those items you absolutely need. Clothes, tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment and water pretty much fits the bill, the rest I can do without.

My first night camping in France – just outside Abbeville

There is no plan for this journey, other than my return journey on the Eurostar is booked for 25th September. Each day I get up, look at the map and pick a destination and head off with a smile and a promise of adventure. The only criteria for the whole trip is to enjoy, to relax, to find out who I am, to experience life and through that, hopefully find me

I will post as often as I can to bring you up to date with my current trip and hope you’ll stick with me.

May you all have brilliant weekends.

A day out – Looe, Cornwall

Love and hugs

Els xx

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  1. errantmoon says:

    Great to see you back, sounds like the adventure has started well!

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  2. Hi Errant Moon, been awhile, felt awkward coming back! Trip had started that’s for sure, was hoping for more sunshine, but an adventure is an adventure regardless

    Liked by 1 person

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