Summer days . ..

It’s a beautiful world

I know, you’re supposed to be consistent with your posts but life just keeps on getting in the way.

Still busy, and not much of a let up on the horizon from what I can see.

Now notice has been served there’s no slacking and I don’t think I fully realised just how much there is to get done.

Still deadlines are wonderful things to get you to focus, that’s for sure.

Started the de-cluttering process and, as suspected, I do seem to own rather a lot of junk. Many trips to the local charity shops coming up as well as a fair few to the local authority tip for those items that cannot be given to charity.

I have a bit of a thing for guitars, it turns out, and somehow have managed to acquire 7 of them! Eeks. There is even one under my bed as I ran out of places to put them.

Sadly six will have to go, two have already been given to charity shops with one more pending and the other three will be sold. That leaves me one, which will be shipped to my eldest sisters house for storage, unless I can figure out a safe and secure way to attach it to my motorbike.

Four of the Magnificent 7

I am no great guitar player, truth be told, but love the place playing guitar takes me to. It is definitely one of my essential ingredients for happiness.

I know a handful of chords, can’t read or really understand written music but the beauty of guitar to me is the fact that you don’t need to know all that.

Learn some chords, how to strum, add in some strumming patterns and Bob’s your uncle you are making music! How cool is that. Love it.

Yes, if you want to be really decent at it, then learning music theory and taking lessons can only help, but for me that’s not the point.

I play (and I use the word loosely here) guitar because it brings me joy, melts away the stresses and strains of the day, brings a smile to my face and occasionally, very occasionally, I even manage to produce a sound that satisfies my ears and that can never be a bad thing.

Life can be incredible complicated and stressful at times and we all need some kind of go to stress relief.

For me, the easier those are to do, the better. Playing guitar can be as simple as I want it to be and that’s what I love about it.

With no training and no great desire to be brilliant at it I get exactly what I need from it, escape from the hustle bustle.

My journey has yet to really begin but already I am beginning to get a better understanding of those things I need in my life to feel happy.

The commonality so far is simplicity! I like things to be simple, in some form pure and also to have a positive effect on my own sense of spirituality. Hiking and music (whether playing or just listening) are two absolutely musts and both are things I want embedded in my life.

They take me to a better place, improve my self being and make me feel connected, even though I am not super clear as to what they connect me too, though I am sure that will become clearer to me as the journey progresses.

Whatever your week brings you, make time for your own stress relievers, indulge yourself and go visit your happy place even if it is just for the briefest time.

Nature, simple but perfect

Love and hugs.

Els xx

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  1. errantmoon says:

    Wow! that’s a lot of guitars, but I am very glad to hear you decide to keep one. Once you find something that brings the sort of simple joy you talk about you should cling on to it for dear life.
    Sounds like things are heading speedily towards your new adventures, can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


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